A fantastic club and a community

My daughter was struggling in school with confidence, time and again her report came back saying she lacked confidence and wouldn’t answer questions or put her hand up in class. Since starting Taekwondo with SCMA she has become a lot more self-confident and no longer panics in her exams. Her school reports are now totally opposite, and they have even stated that her hand is now always up. I think the SCMA Instructors and the gradings have helped her to overcome her lack of self-confidence due to the level of support and the structure of the lessons, being both fun and yet disciplined in a way that the kids enjoy every lesson. The gradings are structured so that the children aren’t pressured and have a lot of support.

Overall this is a fantastic club and also a community at the same time, often hosting picnics, bbqs and camping trips. The lessons on the moors and beach training also give children the chance to spend time outdoors. We feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic club. Abigale loves to attend and is proud to tell everyone about SCMA.