South Coast Martial Arts is a family friendly club catering for all ages and abilities wanting to learn Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Classes are available six days per week.

Learn self-defence, get fit, improve flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. 

Traditional ITF Taekwondo values and teaching methods, along with modern competition training. 

Fully Qualified Instructors with many years of experience.  

Kickboxing, derived from traditional martial arts such as Taekwondo, Karate, Western Boxing and Muay Thai provides a sweat pouring pad slamming workout.

With over 35 years of experience, South Coast Martial Arts have produced many national and world champions and continues to provide support for those students wishing to develop their sporting career in martial arts.


We offer a range of classes starting with children's Taekwondo classes for children as young as four years old, right through to adults. We also offer Kickboxing classes, ladies only kickboxing classes and "FAST Defence" self-defence courses. See below for details.


Adult TaekwondoAdult Taekwondo

Learn one of the most effective self-defence systems available - Taekwondo. Develop your fitness, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Boost self-confidence.

Junior TaekwondoJunior Taekwondo

Martial arts are a fantastic way for kids to become involved with sport and fitness, whilst learning the very valuable skills of self-defence, self-discipline and self-confidence.  Taekwondo can help children with other sports too.

Little DragonsLittle Dragons

Little Dragons provides a curriculum that focuses on improving children’s basic motor and listening skills, helping to improve their concentration, behaviour, self-confidence and self-esteem.


Kickboxing combines the power of TaekwonDo kicking with western boxing and Muay Thai boxing using elbows and knees. Kickboxing also provides a healthy and fun training environment, perfect for a good cardiovascular workout as well as improving general fitness and muscle tone.

FAST DefenceFAST Defence

There is no need to join a martial arts programme to take advantage of our FAST Defence courses. Our basic course lasts approx 4 1/2 hrs, with lots of follow-on courses dealing with, weapons, multiple attackers, ground fighting and finally an opportunity to experience the ultimate purpose-built scenario centre.

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Due to current COVID 19 restrictions, we are operating all classes from our Christian Mill Business Park venue until further notice.

We have Six available venues to choose from, you can choose to train at all of our available classes (please click here for class times), at any of our venues, as often or as little as you like. Choose to study Taekwondo, Kickboxing or even both disciplines, it's up to you, maybe you have a Junior or a "Little Dragon" in the making, it doesn't matter you can swap and change classes to suit your needs and all for one great monthly price.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.


Free Trial

Want to see what you're getting before you commit?

SCMA offers 2 free training sessions to anyone who is interested in joining. 

So come and try TaekwonDo, Kickboxing or Little Dragons to experience the benefits for yourself.

What have you got to lose? Get in touch or just come along to the class that suits you best and get involved.

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