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A fantastic club and a community

My daughter was struggling in school with confidence, time and again her report came back saying she lacked confidence and wouldn’t answer questions or put her hand up in class. Since starting Taekwondo with SCMA she has become a lot more self-confident and no longer panics in her exams. Her school reports are now totally opposite, and they have even stated that her hand is now always up. I think the SCMA Instructors and the gradings have helped her to overcome her lack of self-confidence due to the level of support and the structure of the lessons, being both fun and yet disciplined in a way that the kids enjoy every lesson. The gradings are structured so that the children aren’t pressured and have a lot of support.

Overall this is a fantastic club and also a community at the same time, often hosting picnics, bbqs and camping trips. The lessons on the moors and beach training also give children the chance to spend time outdoors. We feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic club. Abigale loves to attend and is proud to tell everyone about SCMA.

Jenna Hamilton-Cox, Parent & Student

I would highly recommend SCMA to everyone!

My daughter and myself joined the club two years ago and are currently 3rd Kup. SCMA has become a big part of our lives and our family’s, as not only learning Taekwondo, but also being involved in a lot of great social events and competitions which have improved my daughter’s confidence greatly. I would highly recommend SCMA to everyone!

Lynnette Hamilton-Cox, Student & Parent

Friendly, welcoming club

Great for all round fitness. Friendly, welcoming Club. I would happily recommend it to my friends.

Karen Ottley, Student

Would happily recommend SCMA

My son has been attending taekwondo for a year and has really enjoyed it. The club is friendly, the instructors are very patient and professional. A nice club with nice people I would highly recommend it to adults and. Children alike.

Jill Chapman, Parent

Thank you SCMA

Over the last 5 years at SCMA, I’ve gained skills, fitness and lots of friends, but most importantly for me, I’ve gained confidence. I walked into that first session with the lowest self esteem a person could have, and I left the session today with a black belt, knowing that I’ve pushed myself harder than my 13-year-old self ever thought I could. Thank you so much to everyone at South Coast Martial Arts for effectively helping me become who I am today. 

Ellie Flinn, Kickboxing Student

Over 20 year with SCMA – they must be doing something right!

Over 20 year with SCMA – they must be doing something right.

SCMA has been a part of my family’s life for a long time. My son started training with SCMA over 20 years ago when he was 7 and rising up through the grades to become a 2nd Dan. Although he has moved on, his interest in martial arts has not diminished, going on to experience other disciplines at university and afterwards.

He wasn’t embarrassed when I started training in 2003. In true Taekwondo sprit he encouraged and supported me through the grades.

And once again I am proud that I have another member of my family training with me. My granddaughter has been training for nearly two years and really enjoys herself.

SCMA is very focused on families and allows all members to train together. Not only do you learn new skills, you keep fit, make friends and always have a great time. Taekwondo helps develop a positive attitude and respect for others, whatever your age.

I’m just glad that I stopped watching and started taking part.

Marie Merryfield, 3rd Dan

Everyone should learn to defend themselves!

Our family has been training with SCMA since 2003. Our 3 boys were little and my husband and I joined too, not wanting to just sit on the benches and watch – it looked too good to miss out!
We went through all the grades and finally, all got our Black Belts.
Our oldest son is working towards his 4th Dan, and we are working towards our 3rd Dans.

It is Challenging to remember all the patterns, and we feel that it is really good for our brains as well as our bodies.

The best part is that we train together. My husband and I have lots of fun, especially when we are sparring!

I would highly recommend to anyone to join.

Not only is it a good work out, but you learn how to defend yourself!

SCMA are very good and go out of their way to help you in any way they can.

Hazel MacWhirter, Black belt

I cannot praise SCMA enough…

My boys have been with SCMA for the past 9 years and they have loved every minute. From Little Dragons, where they play games whilst learning fundamental skills like listening, discipline, balance and team work, to Juniors where you see them develop self-confidence, respect and self-defence. I cannot praise SCMA enough for the support they have given my boys and would recommend any parent who wants their child to succeed in life to seriously consider a martial art as a hobby.


Lisa Sharpe, Parent

Lifestyle choice

Our whole family have been training with SCMA and Chris Wood for the best part of 14 years. It has given all of us, but especially my three sons, a sense of self awareness and confidence and a respect for the tenets of TaekwonDo. This is a wonderful family activity that is a lifelong learning experience. I would thoroughly recommend this club to anyone, but especially to families.

Duncan Macwhirter, Black belt

Highly recommended to all

As a family of five, we have been on a long journey with SCMA and its founder Chris Wood.

The club has provided us with a disciplined sport and we have advanced up the ranks and feel like family with other students.

It’s a never ending learning curve that keeps mind and body active. We wouldn’t have had it any other way, given the choice. It is a good martial art even for those challenged by age related handicaps. Everyone should be able to defend themselves, and Taekwondo gives one the knowledge and tools to do so. Highly recommended to all.

The MacWhirter family

I would recommend joining and joining in!

Our daughter joined SCMA through recommendation from a friend, she has been doing it for 2 years and really enjoys the sessions.  I have also joined and been participating for about 13 months, the team are really friendly and the activities great fun.  I would recommend joining and joining in!!

Jon Anderson, Student & Parent

Give this a try – you won’t be disappointed

For a year I sat and watched my 10 year old grow in confidence taking part in Taekwondo. It suddenly dawned on me that I too could be getting fit and take part. Well….. I’ve never looked back! I never in a million years thought I’d be any good and my confidence and self belief has grown massively. The whole SCMA family is so supportive and I can’t thank my instructors Mr Wood, Mrs Young and Mr Toghill enough – they truly have encouraged me to achieve what I thought was never possible, so if like me you are doubting yourself give this a try you won’t be disappointed. Fun, family fitness that comes with so many rewards …. love it !

Karen Tucker, Parent & Student

I have recommended SCMA to lots of people…

My children joined the club as Little Dragons (4-6 years) and had a wonderful time with great instructors.  They became more co-ordinated and self confident.

They are now juniors and working their way up the belts.  The club has been brilliant with them, the ethos is supportive.  The outside activities like the camps, Christmas parties, bowling, fast defence and Moors & BBQ training are fun and help the children grow in confidence and make great friends.

The club uses a variety of different instructors which suit different styles of learning.  Parents are encouraged to be part of the club, either through supporting their child or by joining in.

I have recommended SCMA to lots of people because it has been really positive for my children to do TaekwonDo, it is teaching them self respect, discipline, confidence, healthy mind & body, and a life skill that they can use for a very long time.

Rachel Murray, Parent

My little boy Wezley

My little boy Wezley started Taekwondo as a Little Dragon when he was 4 and 4 months, he was very nervous on his first night but when he realised he could do the star jumps like the other dragons he soon wanted to join in. We have done the competitions, the kids camp and the big family camp (which we love and went 3 years in a row). The people we have met along the way, some who have left and others are there through thick and thin, are like a GIANT family and we wouldn’t be without them. Special thanks to Debbie Young xxx and Chris Wood xxx thanks again, Emma and Craig.

Emma Kean, Proud Parent

The Instructors are brilliant with the children

My son has being coming to Little Dragons for just over a year now. He really enjoys the sessions and is always eager to learn either new moves or a little more on their current topic, his favourite topic so far is the emergency services.  He was always quite quiet but being at Little Dragons he has flourished and is now much more confident in trying new things and making new friends.  The Instructors are brilliant with the children always going the extra mile to help during class or organising extra activities outside of training sessions.

Leanne Richards, Parent


All 3 of my children (13, 9 and 7) attend classes and could not be happier. We have been treated as family from day one and I cannot thank the SCMA team enough for everything they have dine for us. We love you guys!!

Kathryn Steel

“So pleased with the classes and the Instructors”

My daughter attends SCMA Little Dragons classes. I am so pleased with both the classes and the Instructors. The Instructors are very good with children. The class is a mixture of learning Taekwondo and games which for the age range of 4-6 is perfect. I also love the natural teaching of respect and manners. My daughter’s confidence has grown tremendously in the 6 months she has been going. I would whole heartedly recommend SCMA and the Little Dragons classes to anyone.

Kerrie Maltby, Parent