Martial Arts instructors
Chris Wood 6th degree taekwondo Blackbelt, kickboxing black belt

Chief  Instructor: Chris Wood 6th degree Taekwondo, 4th degree Kickboxing

Mr Chris Wood, currently 6th-degree Taekwondo black belt and Examiner, first started teaching for the Adult Education Authority at Heles School in 1979. He has now been a full-time martial arts instructor for over 35 years. Over that time, Mr Wood has developed SCMA, taught thousands of students, and hundreds to black belt level; many of his black belts have themselves reached very senior levels in TaekwonDo.

In addition to TaekwonDo, the art of Kickboxing was introduced to SCMA some years ago (in which Mr wood holds a 4th-degree black belt). This has proved to be a great platform to deliver many of the other diverse martial arts styles Mr Wood has practised, including Karate, Western Boxing, Muay Thai and Ju-Jitsu.

Chris Wood 6th degree taekwondo Blackbelt, kickboxing black belt

Rhys Roffey 3rd Degree Taekwondo

Rhys has been training at SCMA for almost 13 years joining as a Little Dragon. He gained his 1st degree in 2012 and in the same year competed in his first national competition. Over the past 6 years, he has gained many British, English and UK titles and in 2016 represented Team UK in the World Championships where he won a Bronze medal in Sparring. Rhys is currently trading toward his 4th-degree black belt and also towards the UKITF World Championships in 2020. Rhys also has been selected by Team GB in the Talent Pathway where he is currently training for future selections in Team GB Taekwondo. Rhys is currently studying for his A levels at Stoke Damerel Community College with hopes to be a Teacher in the future.

Chris Wood 6th degree taekwondo Blackbelt, kickboxing black belt

Dylan Benney 2nd Degree Taekwondo

Dylan started his Taekwondo journey with us at the age of 4 with the belief from his parents that it would help bolster his coordination, concentration and focus. Dylan has enjoyed his time with us as it has helped boost his confidence, kept him fit and given him a great opportunity to make new friends. His training has given him a goal, which, was to obtain his Taekwondo black belt. At one time he didn't think was possible, not only did he pass his black belt but he also won a special award for "best black belt essay" and he is now also the proud owner of a 2nd Degree black belt. Dylan is now helping teach the skills that he has learned at one of our after school clubs for primary school children which he finds incredibly rewarding and is now a kickboxer too.

All Instructors are fully qualified and DBS checked, and also qualified in first aid.