SCMA is a family friendly club catering for all ages and abilities. Classes 7 days per week.

Learn self-defence, get fit, improve flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. 

Traditional ITF Taekwondo values and teaching methods, along with modern competition training. 

Fully Qualified Instructors with many years of experience.  

Kickboxing, derived from traditional martial arts such as TaekwonDo and Karate, provides a sweat pouring pad slamming workout.

Adults (age 12+)

Learn one of the most effective self defence systems available.  Develop your fitness, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.  Boost self confidence.

Juniors (age 6-12)

Martial arts are a fantastic way for kids to become involved with sport and fitness, whilst learning the very valuable skills of self defence, self discipline and self confidence.  Taekwondo can help children with other sports too.

Little Dragons (age 4 - 6)

Little Dragons provides a curriculum that focuses on improving children’s basic motor and listening skills, helping to improve their concentration, behaviour, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Kickboxing (age 12+)

Combines the power of TaekwonDo kicking with western boxing and Thai boxing using elbows and knees. Kickboxing provides a healthy and fun training environment, perfect for a good cardiovascular workout as well as improving general fitness and muscle tone.

Want to see what you're getting before you commit?

SCMA offers 2 free training sessions to anyone who is interested in joining. 

So come and try TaekwonDo or Kickboxing to experience the benefits for yourself.

What have you got to lose?

Get in touch or just come along to the class that suits you best and get involved.

Begin your TaekwonDo or Kickboxing journey today - Get In Touch

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